Industry Video games
Foundation 2005

Mississippi, United States

Number of Employees 28 (Dec. 2017)
Official Website

The SubGlobal Corporation (commonly referred to simply as SubGlobalSubG, or SG) is an american game development and game publishing company based in North America, which has created and delivered online games since 2012. Based in Mississippi, USA, and Montreal, Canada. SubGlobal was founded first as a community in 2005, then officially as a game development and publishing company on April 10, 2012.

The company uses a micro-transaction business model, in which users can play the full game for free and can also choose to purchase virtual licenses to in-game content to enhance their gaming experience.

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History Edit

In 2005, Cayle Rose founded SubGlobal as a community news website for politics and gaming. On April of 2012, SubGlobal was to become a game development and publishing company, registered as a corporation on July 13, 2015.

The company's first project was server development of the world famous game title, Minecraft. The server, known as "MineCrap", had a community following of more than 67,000 users and was first open in mid-2012, and officially closed at the end of 2016 after the SubGlobal Corporation and Microsoft Corporation reached a settlement to SubGlobal's MineCrap Trademark, where Microsoft purchased all rights to the server and community "MineCrap" trademark title.

On May 4, 2013, SubGlobal began development of the MMORPG, SubGlobal Online, which gained popularity after the ISIS-Nazi update in early 2016. Since April 2017, SubGlobal Online had over 313 updates, with product v28.16.3.

Projects Edit

SubGlobal has recently developed SubGlobal Online, a Free-to-Play title.

SubGlobal Online is a free-to-play mmorpg, placing the players in a position to play online together against multiple enemy AIs, as well as against each other in player-vs-player combat. They must defeat demons summoned around the world by ISIS, then destroy the terrorist group, and finally defeat Adolf Hitler and Satan to save the world. It is currently in update "New World" and is available for download via their official website.

SubGlobal is currently working on Rhino; a first-person shooter that is designed to spread a awareness about the poaching of rhinos in Africa. Players eliminate poachers, and rescue the endangered animals.

Games developed Edit

Game Launched Genre Developer Status Official Website
SubGlobal Online May 4, 2013 (North America) Fantasy MMORPG SubGlobal Live

References Edit

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